Hunt Terrier Man Tortures Fox With Pitchfork

North London Hunt Sabs have filmed Paul O’Shea, terrier man for the East Essex Hunt, trapping and torturing a fox with a pitchfork. The incident took place on Saturday 4th December when O’Shea and an unidentified female visited an artificial earth in Great Monks Wood, just two miles from the East Essex Hunt kennels. Hunts […]

The National Trust Lose Trust in “Trail Hunting”

The Board of the National Trust have ratified the members vote from the recent AGM and banned “trail hunting” on the organisation’s 620,000 acres of land. Members voted by 76,816 to 38,184 in favour of banning trail hunting on National Trust land  at the October AGM.  Harry Bowell, Director of Land and Nature said “The board of trustees […]

Webinar Fall Out Continues – National Trust Permanently Ban Hunting

The National Trust have permanently banned hunting on their land following their AGM held in Harrogate today. This was the first chance for the trust’s 5.6 million members to vote on hunting since 2017, when the board used discretionary proxy votes to defeat a motion calling for a ban. Accusations of unfairness followed, with members […]

Hunting Community Left Crying Into their Hankies

Master of Foxhounds Association (MFHA) director Mark Hankinson has been found guilty of encouraging others to break the Hunting Act following a three day trial at Westminster Magistrates Court.   The court case came about after the HSA exposed online webinars run by the Hunting Office in August last year.  The webinars evidence a nationwide conspiracy by hunters […]

Cottesmore Hunt Assault Sabs (again)

Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release 19th September 2021  On Saturday the 18th of September a member of Northants Hunt Sabs was attacked by a member of the notorious Cottesmore Hunt. The sab was thrown off a gate by Kelvin Pestell, who has previous for assaulting sabs. They experienced breathing difficulties and were rushed to hospital where […]

Grouse Moors – The Desolate North!

Typical snare

HSA Shooting Officer Drive through some of the countryside in Wales, Scotland and England you could be forgiven for thinking, especially when the heather is in bloom, how beautiful and diverse it is. In reality, the Grouse Moors are not dissimilar to palm oil plantations: a monoculture. The “crop” being grouse. The only animals allowed […]

Hunt Saboteur Left For Dead By Badger Baiters

A member of Manchester Hunt Saboteurs was nearly killed by badger baiters in the Little Lever area of Bolton last night. The sab was checking on badgers when he disturbed a gang of five thugs digging out a known badger sett. Warning: Graphic Images He was then set upon, viciously beaten, and left for dead. […]

CPS To Bring Charges Against Hunting Webinar Participants

We’re delighted to hear that the Crown Prosecution Service will be pursuing charges against Mark Hankinson, Director of the Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFHA), who featured in the leaked Hunting Office webinars that the Hunt Saboteurs Association exposed in November last year. The webinars clearly show a concerted attempt to pervert the course of justice […]

HSA Exclusive – Fox Hunters’ Own Footage Catches them Breaking Lockdown

quorn hunt illegally hunting during a pandemic

Videos and letters sent to the HSA show that on Thursday 18th March the Quorn Hunt travelled over 15 miles from their kennels to the home of Senior Joint Master Joss Hanbury at Burley on the Hill Leicestershire to celebrate his 70th birthday. Sources say that Joss used hounds formerly from the Atherstone hunt to […]

Lamerton Huntsman Found ‘Not Guilty’ Of Illegal Hunting Despite Video Evidence

“Hunted wildlife continue to be let down by the police and the courts, even in the face of clear video evidence”, say anti-bloodsports campaigners following today’s ‘not guilty’ verdict against members of the Lamerton Hunt at Exeter Magistrates Court. The huntsman of the Lamerton Hunt, David Lewis, and his former whipper-in and now-huntsman of the […]